Fear at Forge Mill Ghost Hunt – £39.00

Back by popular demand and its reputation for paranormal activity, Fright Nights Worcestershire are excited to announce that we return to Forge Mill for another investigation at what is undoubtedly one of the most haunted locations in the county!booknow The Forge Mill Needle Museum with Bordesley Abbey near Redditch is one of North Worcestershire’s most haunted locations and we will take you on a ghost hunt to uncover the hauntings of this truly active location. Locally the mills are renowned for being haunted with visitors and staff reporting paranormal experiences. There are many reports of female voices on the upper floors, footsteps and odd bangs and whispers. When investigated by staff, nobody is seen. A monk is also seen walking the around the area of the mill abound with phantom footsteps……

The Forge Mill Needle Museum ghost hunt includes:

  •  Ghost Walk and History Tour of the location
  • Mediumship walkround – who haunts tonight?
  • Mediumship and Equipment workshops
  • Psychic and Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • Experiments including seances and glass divination
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils in the dark
  • Hot Drinks and Biscuits
  • Expert advice and discussion about the paranormal
  • Your chance to stay in a haunted location at night!

On the site of a medieval Cistercian Abbey, which was destroyed in 1538 by Henry VIII during the dissolution, lays the Forge Mill Needle Museum.

This historic site illustrates the rich heritage of the needle and fishing tackle industries. Models and recreated scenes provide a vivid illustration of how needles were once made, and how Redditch once produced 90% of the world’s needles, but it is not just models that sit in company here. Forge Mill is estimated to be 400 years old or more and was originally an iron refining mill where it was later adapted for needle-scouring. The last batch of needles were scoured in 1958. Later, a team of volunteers preserved and repaired the mill which is now one of the most haunted tourist attractions in Worcestershire.

The upper floor of the mill was used for fly dressing, it is reported that one of the female fly dressers had an affair with one of the managers and when eventually he rejected her, she drowned herself in the mill pond where her body was swept into the water wheels and her body sliced in many parts. The lady is said to haunt the mill, in desperate intention to found her missing body parts. Will this desperate lady come forth on the night of your ghost hunt at Forge Mill?

The curator has been called out on many occasions to investigate strange goings on and unexplained alarm activations in the Mill. On one occurrence, the curator was called out to the building after fire alarms were activated, during her search of the mill, she heard footsteps and laughter coming from the upper floors. So concerned, the police were called. On arrival, police found no trace of anybody on the site. One particular staff member to this day has to ‘ask’ permission to whoever haunts here, to enter the top floor of the mill, even when using a key. She is unable to gain access unless she does so. Staff members intentionally close up the site early in the winter months to save them having to lock up in darkness, due to fear of experiencing ghostly activity on their own. This is a tradition that has been kept too, for many, many years.

The Mill has been used for many years by film and TV crews to film numerous period dramas with the people on location also reporting ghostly phenomena and a feelings of being unsettled. Cold spots continue to be felt all over the building, along with a feeling of uneasiness.

On past a investigation, guests reported having needles thrown at them by spirit, doors being slammed on them, unexplained loud bangs and shadow figures were seen in the Mill. Electronic Voice Phenomenon experiments conducted at the time presented with some unexplained voices and words!

Fright Nights Worcestershire have hired the whole Forge Mill site for the night for a very exclusive ghost hunt. The night begins with a special tour of the building detailing real-life experiences and historical information researched by experts. This will set the scene before you are joined by experienced paranormal investigators and mediums to try and experience paranormal activity in one of the most haunted buildings in North Worcestershire. Full use of Ghost Hunting and Psychic equipment will be provided as well as hot refreshments.

Experience your Forge Mill Ghost Hunt ONLY with Fright Nights Worcestershire.

Please note: Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.


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